Monday, September 1, 2014

Hardy Brown College Prep Fourth Grade Teacher

I can believe that it has finally happened... I am teaching! I know that it is nothing but God, and I am truly amazed and am in awe of how God worked everything out!

Here is where my story began...

I was working for an independent studies program as a summer school teacher, and I was unhappy. It wasn't teaching... but it was a job. Somehow... all of my students dropped or failed and I was left with 7, out of my original 45 students. My coworkers would take over my case load, and I was just see the 7 students when they can in, really dumb right? On the day this happened I told two of my coworkers, I believe this happened because I won't be here longer (super spiritual right LOL). They laughed at me... But I really felt it. They knew my credential was not posted, I needed to take one more test, and I had only been on two interviews. Didn't look like I had any potential. That day which was a Friday, I got a call from Hardy Brown, scheduling me for an interview. This is how my God works! That Monday I went to the interview and had to wait... I hate waiting. But I kept seeing this lady who looked so familiar walk by. Comes to find out she is interviewing me! We walk into the room and I ask... Did you ever live in Sacramento? Puzzled she looks at me and says, "Yes, I still do!" I ask, "Did you every do a seminar on Hurley and Howe, right by an Italian Restaurant about 6 years ago?" Now I have her really confused LOL... She says,"Yes, for our credential program!" I say, "I was there you wore a white dress with silver stilettos." She was shocked and lost for words. She began to go outside the office to tell people. The crazy thing is I have a horrid memory! Throughout my interview she kept saying this can't be a coincidence, there is something about you, you have this presence... I have to give you this job! Well as a formality I had to come back the next day for a demo lesson, which did not go as well as I thought it would. Little did I know they were just putting their game faces on! They kept having me wait outside and called me back in, finally they asked what would I do if people came to be with gossip. I said, "I know I am not supposed to say this but I am a Christian, and I do not say this lightly. I try to carry myself in a way to define that word in my actions. My pastor preaches against gossip and I hold that to every aspect of my life." She counters with, "I have fired Christians." Then she sends me outside. I sit there like great you didn't get the job! They call me back in and offer me the job!

And this is where teacher boot camp begins...

Bravo and I...6am Ontario Airport!
This is Bravo and I waiting in the Airport to be flown to Sacramento for a two day one night training...Excuse our tired faces we had been up since 4am. Bravo is my other fourth grade teacher! Crazy thing is the first day I met her, she came to church with me, and wept in the altar (keep her in your prayers)! We have become sisters! Its crazy how stress and fear will bind two people together! After those two days of training we came back with only two days to set up our classrooms for the first day of school. I had to do everything alone because everyone I know has a job, but it was well worth it!
Can't Believe I Teach Fourth Grade

My Library Donated by Sis. Diaz
It has been a looong journey! But Aug. 6th, 2014, can go down in history as one of the best days in my life! I love my students and promise to post more pics, and some letters they have written me!

 Love To All,
Miss Thaler

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I Graduated With My Masters!

Yes it is true I am finally done... Not that I feel any smarter lol! Per the request of a new friend, I am posting some pictures!

My Boys

Beautiful Siblings/Best Friends

My Parents 

My Oldest Sister (in law) lol

My Sisters!

So Glad K-Dub caught me walking out!

My Reaction Seeing My Nieces and Nephews

Love Being TiTi Courtney

Finally going to be a teacher!