Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas With The Thaler's and Sanchez's

I Would Like To Officially Wish You A Merry Christmas!!
I hope You and All Your Loved Ones Are Blessed
Remember To Enjoy Your Family and FOOD!
Today We Opened our Gifts!! I GOT MY I PHONE...AND BOOTS...AND APRON...
Yes, That is Right I am So Excited.
I Love Being With my family and being able to see What the Lord is doing.
I Have the Best Church and Leadership!!
I thank God for Four Parents, Mommy, Papito, Daddy, and Mama.
I thank God for my Big Brother, Sissy and Lil Bro!!
I Thank God for my Beautiful Niece Karina!!
I Thank God for All My Friends!!
I Thank for my Extended Family The Waage's and The Jones'..
To be honest I am one of the most blessed People in the World!!
Most of All I am So Happy For the Salvation of My Lord And Savior!!!

Please Do Not Forget The Real Meaning of Christmas....JESUS!! YAY!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Rock Youth Group

Wow, What a powerful move of the Holy Ghost tonight.
Bro. Chris and Bro. Mike spoke and really,
Opened our eyes to what God has for us.
They helped me see that God has his hands stretched wide
Open for us to run into but yes
Some of us are choosing to be lost.
I believe that this year God has something great for our Youth.
The thing is that we must find a way to tap into it.
Coming from the world I see what it does to people,
I have seen many friends turn out way different from how we planned.
The world took them for a loop they never saw.
I pray that our young people see that there is,
nothing there for them.
That we belong to a great church where God has so much.
We have leadership that has given such example,
there is so much love we just have to choose.
Tonight I made a choice, I am staying with the Lord.
Come what may, if you ever think huh wheres Court,
Just remember, IM HERE TO STAY.
This may be so simplistic to some.
But you must look deeper, It takes deep revelation.
Like what Bro. Mike said, Its a relationship you have to work at.
I feel so blessed to serve a God who loves me.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

What I want to do This Winter

So Here Is My Christmas Season Wish List...

1. Go Christmas Caroling (is that how you spell it?)
X Go Ice Skating as much as possible
5. Go to visit B and Sissy3. Go to the SNOW
4. Drink tons of Hot Cocoa
6. Have an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party
7. Go shopping for Presents
8. Have Kids get SAVED at the Christmas Play
X Stay out late
10. Go see all the pretty lights
12. Hang out at a coffee shop late at night
13. Sleep in
14. Play board games
15. Hang out with all my friends!!

I think this is the Top 15, No order just what came to my head at that moment. I will keep you updated on what I cross off my list!!