Sunday, July 25, 2010

I've Got To Shout It From The Roof Tops...IM IN LOVE

Its finally here the moment I have been waiting for, I am deeply head over heals in LOVE.. I never thought the day would come and I am excited it is here.. You all have to meet him, he is the most amazing guy i have ever met. He has given me everything i have ever asked for and then some. Girls, he is the type of guy who knows just what to say... He makes me weak in the knews and my heart races when i hear his name!! This is it he is the one i want, sorry i am off the market!!

I met him last year in november, but i had been admiring him from affar for a while. I never thought i was good enough for him, until that night. It was amazing he spoke to me and put a smile on my face that never left. From that moment on i knew he was in my life forever!!!! I never really talked about it because i knew people would say "its too soon, and you are way to young!" but now i don't care what people say, he is the one i want.

The past few months have been hard. I never thought i would make it through but he was there through it all. He was there to listen, to talk, and even confort me. Ladies, this is one man who knows how to listen. My life has changed since he has been there!! I cannot imagine myself without him there. We are a perfect match!!

So, i know you all are wondering who this dream guy is. I know my family is flipping out that i posted this without telling them... Well here it is his name is JESUS. He saved me and made me whole. He kepted me when i thought i was gone..He is the one for me!!

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  1. This is such an amazing post! I was reading this at first thinking "ohh noo she is going all goo goo over some guy" and then my heart melted so sweetly when u said the guy is Jesus! Praise God!!!