Monday, November 28, 2011

Tis' The Season...To Crush LOL

Okay, now that it is Christmas time it seems that LOVE is in the air. There is just something about this season that makes it so easy to fall in Crush LOL. Maybe its the white twinkle lights that get mistaken for fireworks, maybe its that we are on a sugar rush from all the sweets we eat, or maybe its the fact that Christmas makes us all misty eyed, IDK but all I know its so easy to fall in Crush. So, I have a warning for all of you falling in Crush, 1) don't be blinded by the good attributes to the point where you are unable to see whats wrong with them. 2) Do not become a stalker (nobody likes a stalker). 3) Make sure he is available. 4) Look at how he is with children. 5) Does he treat his Mama right. 6) Is he age appropriate? 7) Is he slightly interested in you. 8) Does he have a JOB. 9) Does he Love GOD? 10) Is he real LOL. These have no order but try to look for them.... Awww to be in Crush LOL


  1. LOL its true, Sis. Escudero said tis the season!! LOL

  2. #1 was my first mistake
    #2 Didn't get there haha
    #3 That was the only thing he had going
    #4 not necessary
    #5 ... well...
    #6 Too young and immature
    #7 apparently not...
    #8 ...well he does ... something... and gets paid for it??
    #10 His looks are kinda something out of a myth but I'm pretty sure he exists

    Why did yall let me be a crazy pants?! Where were these rules 2 weeks ago?