Saturday, May 14, 2011

On My Mind

So, I have been thinking. (Watch out this is a dangerous task). A lot have things have changed in the last few months. All of which for the best. My life continually evolving and moving on! I feel like this is the Evolution of Courtney Mary Thaler. My focus has moved from just getting by too full and complete success. I will no longer settle for less than the best. In every aspect of my life I want the closets to perfection I am able to obtain. People tell me being a perfectionist and expecting is wrong, I have realized I completely disagree....I serve a King who requires my best, who thinks I deserve the best, and who is completely perfect!!! So, with my walk with the Lord, with school, with church, with family, with Love, and with my friends I want the BEST!!
Lately, people have been saying in a negative manner that my boldness is obvious...or overpowering...You know what I love my boldness...I love the truth...I feel like people get offended because they aren't used to the truth. I know at times my feelings are raw, but lets be real life is raw. This world that we live in is raw. I am who I am just striving for perfection. I may make mistakes or even say the wrong thing, but I am trying.
No longer will I just settle, I have seen what settling would have left me with... And that is not what I deserve! I believe the Lord just woke me up, just like my Happy Hour Mocha Frap just did!! If I know the truth why would I settle for anything less than the truth, this refers to a recent conversation with a backslider...WHY? They did not have answer other than, I still believe...That makes no sense...Just as this post LOL.


  1. Why settle when you are perfect the way God made you? Be all you can be for the G-O-D! haha I just made that up :)

    I love you sissy!

  2. MORE POSTS!!! LOL It's been too long!