Thursday, July 28, 2011

We Can Do It!

Okay, So my this is inspired by the last paper I wrote. It was entitled "Mixed Messages for Rosie". Many really do not know who Rosie is. So, for the young ladies who don't let me introduce her to you. Rosie is a fictional character developed during WWII. She inspired women in America to join the work force. Before that women were only allowed to take jobs, that women were capable to do. Rosie brought women into shipyards, factories, and they even welded. Well, when the men returned from war these ladies were forced back into the home. Sad but true.

This post is not a feminist perspective, so sorry! This is from a young Apostolic woman who believes women should be submissive to their husband as the husband loves her like Christ loved the church, who believes a mother is the most rewarding job a woman could ever obtain, who believes women should wear skirts, who believes women should not wear make up, who believes in modesty, and who believes a woman should never cut her hair. But I am posting this in the avenue to stir young apostolic women.

Now that we have the disclaimer here is what is on my mind. I was putting my life on hold until I said "I Do". I kept saying "Oh my ministry will start with my husband.." Ummm....WOW... Who am I to say that God can't use me? I finally realized my call to join Hope Corp and I am so excited. I know that God has something in store for me. I have been given a gift to teach, it is so evident it is not even funny. So, I am looking at what avenues that God wants to use me in with that. I want all you young women to see that "We Can Do It", yes it is a blessing to be married (and believe me I want to be), but until that time LET GOD USE YOU...

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  1. Yes YOU CAN DO IT! Even for those of us that are married. While we have a ministry with our husbands, we have our own ministry too. We have to keep a Mary (NOT Martha) attitude and get to work! we can't afford to get lost in laundry, chores, etc.

    Married women, WE CAN DO IT TOO! haha :)