Friday, September 16, 2011


This has been the topic at church. The other day Bro. Tony Spell came and preached our covering service. He preached on our Apostolic Faith. Meaning following the apostle's doctrine without shame. What a message for us. We baptise in Jesus name, we believe in being filled with the Holy Ghost with evidence of speaking in tongues, we believe in Holiness, our women do not cut their hair and our men do, and we praise the one and only Lord JESUS CHRIST.. That's right people I believe in the word of God without shame. I am fired up!!
Now I am a College student and go to a secular university. Where my professors are trying to get me to believe in what they say. They are trying to change my thinking. Well I have news my mind cannot be change, I have read and experienced this truth! So the day after Bro. Spell preached I went to my children's literature class where my class was discussing what can and cannot be said inside the classroom. There were so many topics brought up but I am going to bring up this shocking one. She asked us what are we going to do when parents come upset that there is a child's parent is upset another child in class has same sex parents. I know you all are shocked right now, so you can imagine my face LOL. Students immediately raised their hands and gave their opinions. Some said they would explain how they were only talking about alternate life styles and others said they were only being fair to the child of the same sex parents. Okay, imagine me...Courtney Thaler...Sitting there....Listening to this Garbage...Shocked...and ready to speak. I rose my hand with triumph and dignity. "There is no room in any classroom for a teacher to discuss a parent's sex-life." WHAM BAM BOOM take that devil!! "Well, Courtney good point but what happens when the child brings it up?" Must you ask? LOL! "Well, of course I would make the child feel valued and loved but I would not partake in any conversation of that sort. I would immediately change the subject and if this conversation persisted I would talk to the parent. As with any child whether their parents are same sex or not we have no room to hear about their sex life." Another teacher told us that we may have to teach about gay families...They asked what will you do? Duh, I won't...Why is there a place in curriculum for sex lives? Our kids can barely read or write a paper and you want me to teach what? My God. Bro. Clark was preaching about how sin is being shoved in our faces and how we as christians are unable to profess what they believe. I have had teachers warn me that when I am working in a school that I cannot answer a child when they ask me if I believe in God. Are you Kidding me? Yet I can teach a lesson on same sex parents? The devil is such a liar. If he can set forth his agenda... I will not be ashamed of what I believe!

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