Tuesday, April 27, 2010

REALizing Your Place!

Its kind of crazy at times. I have noticed that most people say that their goal in life secretly is to fit in. Now whats the point in that? The word of God tells us to seperate ourselves, to be sanctified, and that we live in this world but we are not to be of this world. When I first got in church if you asked me what this meant I would say "We are to have the Holy Ghost and baptised in Jesus Name and thats what seperates us."

But now as I sit and look back on where i was to where i am... I was the world. How can you partake in what the world partakes and be seperate? Praise the Lord I knew the importance in the Apostles Doctorine, but where was the total seperation?

I was but a shadow to every person who did not know baptism. I followed what they did. I cut my hair, wore make-up, desired their fashion and most of all desired their fame. The lust of the world was what i truly desired. I wanted to be different but i was shadow following behind everyone else. Shadows are dangerous. You see though a shadow does not take the whole form it has the reminants of the form. It has the outline and figure though its silent.

In order for us to REALize our place we must first REALize that we can no longer be in the shadow of the world. In order to make a Shadow there must be a light reflecting off of the form. We must desire to be the LIGHT.

The Lord said we are to be a light in the world of darkness. When we take on the world we are covering the light he is trying to create in the world of form and shadow. SO HOW DO WE DO IT? By living a HOLY, Sanctified, and seperate Life from the world that surrounds us. We can no longer desire those things of the world. We have to strive to be different from the things of the world. Please take it from me, You cannot serve two masters. Its impossible to live for God and
still live for the world. I no longer have a desire to be a shadow i desire to be a LIGHT in this dark and dreadful world. I want to stand out. I want to stand for Holiness.

The world tells us that Showing your body is beauty but in closing i will show you Gods Beauty.



  1. Amen! This is really good sissy. What a privledge to be called out of darkness into this marvelous light!! :) Its sad how people look upon us and think that we "do too much" and that we are legalistic with all of our "rules" and "restrictions". That is bogus! We GET to live a holy and sanctified lifestyle!! Lord is there anything else we can give up?? God forbid we ever get content.


  2. It's such an honor to give up the things of this world and live for Him completely! God sees all we do and all the things we could be doing. In youth class on Sunday morning, we were going over scriptures all thoughout the Bible about ONE God and that Jesus, the Father and the Son are all ONE! We read one scripture where it said that we are a BLESSED people! The TRUTH is not hidden from us. THANK GOD for not being in the shadows!