Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Knight In Shining -BlueSweatShirt.

So, My Teacher told me yesterday that her office mate would be in around two so i could return my book to him. I got out of class early so i headed to the office around one. I decided to camp out until he came. As i was waiting my favorite teacher from last semester was making fun of my for waiting there... I told him this was a serious situation... And that i needed a tent.

One Hour Passed and i was getting upset thinking of all the things i could be doing...EATING. I start to pray "Lord, Please. OKAY if not by two hows two thirty.." Moments later a man approaches he was hooded but i could see part of his face.

He approached the door and Knocked, I say "He isnt there, hes supposed to be here around 2" as he looks at his watch he says "how long have you been waiting?" i say "about an HOUR"
All the sudden he is silent and looks around goes into his wallet and pulls a SWORD..ok may not a SWORD but nontheless a credit card.

He starts trying to pick the lock. I at this point am ignoring him thinkin that his efforts are in vain, so i continue my game of solitare....THEN WALAAAH....The door swings open and his illegal efforts have paid off. I throw in a few sarcastic remarks and he says give me the book ill put it on her desk....With a smile i hand him the book and run home to eat!!!

Little did he know he was the answer to my prayers!!!


  1. LOL sissy this is so funny!! You're a trip! I love you!!! :)

  2. Lol! God can answer prayers in weird (mysterious) ways sometimes :) Haha this is funny! I love you! Hope you're doing good :D

  3. Why Thank You lol, I know it was so funny how God did that...Hey Meggerson, Sorry about not talking so much, I am trying to finish finals and i have had some phone issues haha

  4. Oh, Lord! You're a hot mess. And so was that guy. You shoulda got his number :p

  5. UMMM noooo I like pizza...duh misha

  6. Bahahahahahah!!!! Oh Lord! Of course u like pizza ;) yahhhhh I got what that meant LOL its okay sissy :) I understand! Ahaha awwww! Ur so sweet! I wuv me some sissy court too!!! *just saw the stuff u added on ur blog!*