Thursday, May 20, 2010

HiiiYAAH DEVIL...Chuck Norris To the Throat!!

Okay, so this post is for my Family. I would like to say that we have been through Hell and High water!! The Devil has been trying to take us out day and night. He has attacked our finances, our bodies, and our family as whole! And let me tell you that we are so sick and tired of it!!

But we have over come everything...Here are a few testamonies.

  1. B and Sissy just got an appartment for an amazing deal.
  2. Mom is only wearing skirt and NO MAKE UP
  3. Sean is Going to a Holiness church!!
  4. Papito is growing in the WORD!!
  5. I am Passing my classes and my case is closing Wednesday.
  6. We are all being used in the work of the Lord.
  7. Misha got the revelation of Holiness.
  8. God is doing Signs and Miracles.
  9. People are getting Saved.
  10. People are getting delivered.
  11. People are getting Healed.

So, just a general announcement. Devil I know you are reading this... You are probably shaking in your boots, probably dumbfounded about what you can do next or what trick you can throw at us... WELL YOU HAVE NOTHING THAT CAN STOP THE LORD!! Therefore, get your grimmy little paws off our loved ones and back up... Cause In Jesus Name you always LOSE!

1 comment:

  1. haha thats right!!! HIYAH!!

    I drop kicked him yesterday. Today I just socked him in the ear lobe!