Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Peace of Knowing That God is in Control...

Have you ever felt like you are going to lose your mind? Like at any moment your head was going to explode? Or that you were going to burst into tears if anyone asked if you were doing okay or if your day was going well? I am so positive that we have all had those moments... I feel like that has been my week. Issue after issue, problem after problem, conflict after conflict, and test after test...

Man, at points I wonder if I am going to make it. How can this all happen in the matter of four days? I guess I was kinda of having those WHY ME MOMENTS. But, to tell you the truth I am so blessed to be trusted to go through these trials.

(In your mind right now you are thinking, she was just complaining and going on about how everything is hitting her at once and now she is saying that she is blessed to be going through this...OKAY THIS CHICK IS CRAZY)

You are completely right my friend. I am absolutely positiving insane about...Jesus. You see i go through these test and trial because the Lord knows that I can endure. He knows that I do not put my trust in man but all of my trust is in Him. PRAISE THE NAME OF THE LORD. Honestly I know that the good Lord is in control of my whole entire life that He has a purpose of every test and trial and the outcome is always perfect. It may not be as i wish, or as i hoped but it is how He intended it to be. God is in control...He is the creator and ruler of all things!!


  1. Yes...Yes...Yes...Can I just say that I've felt like this so many times!?

    Like you said, God trusts us. There is a great amount of trust that God has when He puts us in these trials. He knows the outcome but He wants to see if YOU see the end result. End result: BLESSED! Keep pushing through everything that is coming your way Sissy! Not only will you feel great after all this but you will also be BLESSED!

    Love you!

  2. Okay I just posted a SUPER amazing response and somehow it got deleted! LOL!

    No matter the situation or circumstance we can rejoice in the Lord because we have a High Priest!! King Jesus!! Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say rejoice! I am so excited to see you go through so much because I know God is doing something AMAZING within you! He is molding you and taking out all of the impurities as only He can. The great potter is making an amazing pot :) (thats YOU)

    If we could have a glimpse into the spiritual realm we would see angels with fiery swords fighting on our behalf! WOOO!! God has heard every prayer!

    He is becoming your lily in the valley. Like the new friend (who also got saved on sun).. While you're walking in the valley, God sent a lily to remind you, LO I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS, EVEN UNTIL THE END OF THE AGE!!

    The Lord giveth and taketh away but BLESSED BE THE NAME OF THE LORD!! Amen!!

    <3 sissy

  3. OOOOKAY THEN SISSY's...Let me say I am about to shout and shout and shout...thank the Lord.. He is the Alpha and the Omega...HAHA devil i laugh in your face.. REVIVAL is on the way so back up...Or we will chuck norris you in the throat!!

  4. Lol nawww Sissy, we don't do Church Norris...we do Jesus! We SPEAK and the devil flees. We don't even have to do some fancy kung-fu (or whatever Chuck Norris does) move.