Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas With The Thaler's and Sanchez's

I Would Like To Officially Wish You A Merry Christmas!!
I hope You and All Your Loved Ones Are Blessed
Remember To Enjoy Your Family and FOOD!
Today We Opened our Gifts!! I GOT MY I PHONE...AND BOOTS...AND APRON...
Yes, That is Right I am So Excited.
I Love Being With my family and being able to see What the Lord is doing.
I Have the Best Church and Leadership!!
I thank God for Four Parents, Mommy, Papito, Daddy, and Mama.
I thank God for my Big Brother, Sissy and Lil Bro!!
I Thank God for my Beautiful Niece Karina!!
I Thank God for All My Friends!!
I Thank for my Extended Family The Waage's and The Jones'..
To be honest I am one of the most blessed People in the World!!
Most of All I am So Happy For the Salvation of My Lord And Savior!!!

Please Do Not Forget The Real Meaning of Christmas....JESUS!! YAY!!!


  1. LOL I was thinking the same thing :P hahaha you guys were jumping too fast! Haha!

  2. Hey Court...
    I was like wow this is either really fast or they ate lots of sugar and had lots of caffeine! lol

    Luv ya!