Thursday, December 9, 2010

What I want to do This Winter

So Here Is My Christmas Season Wish List...

1. Go Christmas Caroling (is that how you spell it?)
X Go Ice Skating as much as possible
5. Go to visit B and Sissy3. Go to the SNOW
4. Drink tons of Hot Cocoa
6. Have an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party
7. Go shopping for Presents
8. Have Kids get SAVED at the Christmas Play
X Stay out late
10. Go see all the pretty lights
12. Hang out at a coffee shop late at night
13. Sleep in
14. Play board games
15. Hang out with all my friends!!

I think this is the Top 15, No order just what came to my head at that moment. I will keep you updated on what I cross off my list!!

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