Thursday, March 17, 2011

Here I Am...

Here I Am...

Knowing that I am Right Where I belong,
Always doing what I am supposed to.
Wondering When I'll go and What I'll do.
Wanting More and waiting for Everything,
I'm stuck Reaching and Grasping the edge.
I thought I obtained it but then I Lost it,
It seems as though I am the only one left,
The Only one undecided.

I always Had everything Figured out,
Now I don't have a clue.
I am waiting For You to make up your Mind,
Ask me I will tell you what to do.
I am left on Hold Living by faith.

For the first Time Its all Up to HIM,
The ONE who holds my life in HIS hands,
Its Hard to see it working out for my good,
Its hard to have faith when I can't see,
I wish HE would give me a Hint,
Just one Little taste so I Would feel,
I wish that You were Here,
I miss You so much.

But as I Pray...
Lord, Here I Am,
Lord, Send Me,
Lord, Have My Life,
Lord, Take All Of Me,
Lord, I Am Yours,
Lord, Use Me,
Lord, I Put My Trust In YOU,
Lord, Mold Me

Lord, I AM HERE!

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