Thursday, March 31, 2011

Room For The Blood...

Funny title I know but there is much meaning behind it. This is a very personal post to me. I am being transparent with all of my readers, so please enjoy...

I went on a mini holy ghost vacation to Ontario. It was much needed because my brain was on overload, ask my sister I started crying for no reason. Well a week before I left I had been feeling to take a step and wear longer skirts. Now mind you my skirts were always two inches below my knee. But I felt lead to do more. Well after a service one night I felt like I could not push it off any longer. So I decided to go on a "Long SKirt Fast" LOL I did it. Too be honest it was hard cause I wear FUN SOCKS in the winter and no one could see them LOL. But I was obedient to the Holy Ghost. Upon my arrival in Ontario we went to church as usual. But Bro. Clark preached a confirmation message to me on Wednesday Night. He spoke on Adam and Eve in the Garden. When the Lord made them clothing. Uh it was so amazing. He opened my eyes. You know how all the pictures of them show them in lil tiny clothes lol, HELLO do you really think God would make His people look all half naked? God doesn't do anything half way. Then he began to say how the animal skins required the blood of the animal to be shed, and how the blood covered them. I wish I had his message to post to you because I am doing it no justice. There was a part where he asked if what we were wearing left room for the blood. Hey if your clothes are tight enough where air cannot flow threw how do you expect the blood to flow through? I never ever want to wear something that is not pleasing to God where His blood cannot cover us. No flesh can glory in His presence, there is too much flesh being shown by a lot of us. I have a new Revelation of modesty!!! It is so important ladies and gentlemen. We are representations of the MOST HIGH, Covered by the Blood of the Lamb. That blood is for our protection, really it is just like the passover. Its crazy I was listening to Whits End and there was something that stuck out to me it said, "Once you step out of the house the blood cannot cover you," Once we step out of Holiness the blood cannot cover us. Think about it, if your skirt is too short or tight are you stepping out of Holiness? Can the blood cover you? I need that blood to cover me....I NEED HOLINESS.

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